Expert Instruction

At Simpatico, we stay ahead of the times and are always improving our methods, furthering our accreditations, and adding classes and technologies that our customers show interest in. For us to be experts, we need to keep learning! As a result, we create and offer a well-rounded experience to keep our clients’ workouts fresh and effective. The history and core values of Joseph Pilates are important to maintaining the integrity of the work we do at Simpatico, click here to learn more about Joseph Pilates and the inspiring story behind his work.


Simpatico instructors are a highly motivated and compatible group, working together to obtain our clients best health and well-being. Each trainer is an independent contractor yet works as a team player emanating balance, harmony and integrity while Simpatico supports their personal dreams and goals.

We are always looking for new instructors, that are fun, dedicated, enthusiastic career professionals, and certified through a PMA accredited program. For information about becoming a Simpatico instructor, please click here to email us.


Mindy Horwitz, Owner
Pilates Instructor, GYROTONIC® Method Instructor, Will Power & Grace Instructor

As the owner of Simpatico, Mindy Horwitz, hopes to create a balanced and empowering atmosphere.

Mindy has been active in the dance community for over thirty years, both nationally and internationally. Her years of experience as a dancer, teacher and choreographer have given her a trained eye for analyzing the body and practical knowledge for getting the most out of her clients. As a teacher of ballet, modern and jazz dance techniques she has worked with a broad population of movers ranging from beginners young and old to professional performers. Mindy’s expertise has been called upon by a broad spectrum of athletes, including golfers, surfers, volleyball and soccer players, tri-athletes and even champion body builders.

Mindy became a certified trainer in 1996 at Long Beach Dance Conditioning Center. There she studied with the master trainer, Marie-Jose Blom. Studying with Ms. Blom has given Mindy a profound understanding of anatomy and kinesiology.

Mindy has always strived to be the best teacher-trainer she can be. She believes that it is imperative to study all styles of Pilates to best serve her clients’ needs. As a result of her commitment to her clients, Mindy continues to study with masters from both classical and contemporary Pilates methods. In 2002 Mindy became a certified Level 1 instructor of the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® and advanced her education to Level 2 in 2011.

A student for life, Mindy continues to broaden her knowledge by studying such methods as Franklin Technique, Will Power Method, yoga and The Foundation.


Ruth Alpert Ruth Alpert
Pilates Instructor, GYROTONIC® Method Instructor

Ruth Alpert brings to her teaching extensive training in alternative movement modalities in addition to her many years’ experience as a dancer. Ruth’s interest in healing movement began in 1976, with the work of Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Lulu Sweigard, and Susan Klein. She has been a certified practitioner of The Trager® Approach since 1987.

Ruth was trained in Pilates by Michele Larsson in 1992 and was an Associate of Core Dynamics from 1998-2009. She was certified in GYROTONIC® in 2002, and became a teacher of The Alexander Technique in 2007. Ruth has conducted workshops throughout the US since 1976.


Karen  Barranco                                                                                                                                                Pilates Instructor

Karen Barranco holds her M.A. in Dance/Movement Therapy.  She has been working as a classically trained Pilates instructor for over ten years.  Karen specializes in helping individuals manage and alleviate chronic back pain, using regenerative Pilates and Pilates as a cross training tool. Karen has found her work as a dance and movement therapist has transformed her life, acting as an inspiration to help others develop a sense of  body awareness, and be empowered by their experience.





Lindsay Ladin
Pilates Instructor 
Lindsay Ladin is a BASI certified Pilates instructor from Santa Barbara.  Lindsay practiced yoga for twelve years before discovering her love for Pilates four years ago. As a child Lindsay was a gymnast and has always been into physical activities such as soccer, hiking, softball and boxing.  Lindsay teaches both group and private Pilates classes on the apparatus, as well as on the mat.  Lindsay also teaches group fitness classes at The Daily Method.  Lindsay’s love for teaching and her range of  instruction, practice and skills makes her a well rounded and fun instructor.
Kristine LinfootKristine Linfoot
Pilates Instructor
After years of struggling with back and neck pain Kristine was introduced to Pilates, it totally changed how she lived and felt in her body. She fell in love with the ability to calm and focus her mind and connect in a more balanced way with her body. Kristine went on to become a certified Body Arts and Science instructor in 2009. As an instructor Kristine is known for her innate patience, compassion and attention to detail. She enjoys encouraging students through their personal exploration of Pilates, using the heightened sense of body awareness to promote longevity and vitality through their lifetime.


Celeste Pearlman

GYROTONIC & GYROKINESIS Instructor                                                                                                            

Celeste joyfully teaches private and group classes in the Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis methods. She is certified on the LEU specialized equipment, develops empowering movement workshops and is a licensed massage therapist.  She has danced professionally in CA and NY and appeared in instructional work out videos. Celeste is a graduate of the Santa Barbara Body Therapy Institute (2001) and completed comprehensive studies in Somatic Movement Therapy/Education at the Center for Kinesthetic Education (2011) and Moving On Center- School For Participatory Arts & Somatic Research (2005).  With healing arts experience in rehabilitative pilates; medical qi gong; laban-bartenieff; Body Mind Centering; Chi Nei Tsang; myofascial release; trigger point therapy; lymphatic drainage; swedish, prenatal, deep tissue massage and cranial sacral therapy– she finds the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® to be the most comprehensive, holistic (and fun!) — with unparalleled results. Celeste is the founder of SomaCeleste™, which designs creative products and practices, to “Educate the Body.  Inspire the Mind.  Experience Joy!”  She is an avid nature and animal lover.


Julie Tomlinson
Pilates Instructor, WillPower & Grace Instructor

Julie has been working in the fitness industry since 1985. Julie was an accomplished aerobic and hip-hop instructor working with Jane Fonda at both her studio in L.A. and participating in her videos. Moving to England in 1992, Julie excelled as a master teacher trainer while also running her own personal training studio in North London and then managed Dragons Health club in Brighton. During this time she became a qualified Holistic Nutritional Therapist and saw clients both in London and Brighton.Julie returned to Santa Barbara in 2000, working as a personal trainer and fitness equipment advisor. During this time she became a certified by Body Arts and Science Pilates instructor. Julie worked with to produce a number of beginner Pilates videos as well as contributing to a number of other fitness videos produced by the Bodytrends group. Julie moved on to work for ALL ONE Nutritech as a marketing coordinator and product educator, selling high quality nutritional supplements.In 2010 Julie had her son, Evan. A total surprise and blessing! She has spent the last two years focusing on him and his needs. Now she is back in full swing, loving teaching and enjoying relating to clients on a whole new level. Age and life experience has equipped her with a new understanding and appreciation for what our bodies need at different stages of our lives.