Quiet time…

It’s funny that setting time aside for your self takes such skill and discipline. With our lives in constant motion, from showering to working to driving to cooking to exercising …even sleeping, it’s important to stop and simply reflect. Sitting down with your own thoughts will keep you connected to your authentic self. Having that connection puts the rest of the “noise” and movement in context.


As the Daily Om (www.dailyom.com) says, “Quite time each day is so important, but many are so out of practice that it’s almost unnerving to be in stillness. To begin the process of being more present and less absent in your life, set aside a few minutes each day to simply sit with yourself. This doesn’t mean watching a movie or reading a book, but taking time each day for self-examination to avoid the avoidance, to be with your self in an open way. After a while, you may start to enjoy this part of the day so much that you make less busy work for yourself, so that you can spend more time at the center of your own life, rather than hovering like a planet around the sun.”


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