Therapeutic Bodywork

Simpatico’s In-House Bodywork Therapists

To complement our studio’s Pilates, GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® , and body movement offerings, we provide you onsite access to some of the most talented bodywork therapists in Santa Barbara.

To schedule an appointment please contact the therapist directly or feel free to contact the front desk to discuss who might be a good fit for your needs.


Dr. Hesu Whitten, Chiropractor

Dr. Whitten is located at Simpatico Pilates by appointment. Dr. Whitten has been successfully diagnosing and treating patients with difficult conditions for the past fifteen years. He is one of six Master Kinesiologists in the world. He is the founder of the Whitten Method and has developed a method of diagnosing and treating the body, mind and spirit. Patients say they experience a profound sense of physical freedom, as well as emotional peace and tranquility, after just one session.

The Whitten Method not only promotes healing of existing physical and emotional health conditions, it empowers the individual to achieve a state of well being that allows them to genuinely thrive.

To schedule an appointment, contact Dr. Whitten directly at: 805-637-5650 or


Somatic Wellness Massage/Bodywork, Celeste Pearlman

With healing arts experience in rehabilitative Pilates; medical qi gong; laban-bartenieff; Body Mind Centering; Chi Nei Tsang; myofascial release; trigger point therapy; lymphatic drainage; swedish, prenatal, deep tissue massage and cranial sacral therapy, Celeste offers customized massage to meet the needs of her clients. Celeste is a licensed Massage Therapist.

Celeste joyfully teaches private and group classes in the Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis methods at Simpatico Pilates. She studies with Juliu Horvath, gyrotonic & gyrokinesis method founder. She is certified on the LEU specialized equipment and develops empowering movement workshops. Celeste is the founder of SomaCeleste™, which designs creative products and practices, to “Educate the Body.  Inspire the Mind.  Experience Joy!”  She is an avid nature and animal lover.


Cell: 805-453-5672

Heavenly Massage, Sara Spataro

Sara is pleased to offer Heavenly Massage the Alchemy of Relaxation and Healing.  Sensing muscular and energy restrictions in your body and applying the most effective massage techniques,  Sara will create a relaxing, restorative, and rejuvenating massage based on your personal needs.   Sara specializes in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Reflexology,  Integrated Craniosacral techniques and Reiki.  Sara is a licensed massage practitioner. She studied Eastern Meditation and Holistic Healing Methods for many years. 

To schedule an appointment, contact Sara at:

Cell: 805-742-6345