Inflammation- How to prevent and combat that pain in your neck, back, hip…

Inflammation and the pain it causes has its place in the healing and health of our bodies. However, all to often many of us experience chronic pain as a result of inflammed joints and muscles. We are offering the opportunity for you to hear from experts in the field about how you can be proactive in the management of inflammation.  Come learn about inflammation; what causes it and what you can do to combat it.

We have brought together health professionals from three different modalities including nutrition, Chiropractic and Pilates. Each speaker will address the challenge of inflammation and how you can control and prevent it in your own body.
April 19th, 5:30-6:30 ~ Antioxidant appetizers and beverages will be served.
1235 Coast Village Rd. Ste I (upstairs)
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Karen Barranco holds her M.A. in Dance/Movement Therapy. She has been working as a classically trained Pilates instructor for over ten years.  Karen specializes in helping individuals manage and alleviate chronic back pain, using regenerative Pilates as a cross training tool. Karen has found her work as a dance movement therapist transformed her life, and acts as an inspiration to help others develop a sense of body awareness and personal empowerment.

In this workshop Karen explores the foundation of building bridges between the seemingly oppositional forces of muscle strength and joint flexibility. She will also provide you with information to take steps towards moving through the cycle of chronic pain focusing on arthritis symptoms and inflammation of the joints.

Joanne Bolducholds her Master of Science in Holistic Nutrition from Hawthorn University and a certification in Sports Nutrition. Joanne is committed to supporting the health of our community through the volunteer work she does as a nutritional educator in the Santa Barbara high schools, UCSB, Girls Inc., Cottage Hospital and the local chapter of the American Heart Association. Recently Joanne has worked for the Santa Barbara Athletic Club and Santa Barbara Dance Arts as a Nutritional Consultant and Educator. She is also currently working with the UCSB Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences as an educator in the local middle schools. (This is through a 4 year grant for nutrition and meditation.)
Joanne counsels individuals on dietary changes to best achieve health and wellness. Her focus is on educating clients to take an active role in their own health by making healthy, nourishing choices. Joanne believes in encouraging clients to make gradual changes over time so that new ways of eating become lifelong habits.

Joanne will discuss how chronic inflammation can be the result of a dis-regulated immune response, and how the best way to rid your body of unwanted inflammation is to offer it the tools to protect and clear away the unnecessary and harmful bi-products of the immune response. She will offer a proactive approach to managing inflammation through lifestyle choices and diet.

Dr. Aaron Stauber is a board approved licensed Doctor of Chiropractic, with extensive special training in Upper Cervical Methods. His unique approach to health and healing has been formed from his years of research and life experiences. Dr. Stauber has worked in multi-disciplinary clinics in the US and Canada. Working hand in hand with medical doctors, psychologists, social workers, and traditional native healers, he understands the importance of a balanced approach to peoples heath care. Because the body is so dynamic and ever changing, our approaches to facilitating its’ healing require constant adaptation.

Dr. Stauber will describe how poor neurological function can trigger inflammation in the body.   He will link the structural components as related to the spine and the inflammatory response that ensues as a result of misalignment to the upper cervical spine. He will discuss possible symptoms and explain how his work aims to correct the structural problems that lead to neurological complications and ultimately poor health and function.