willPower & grace® classes now offered at Simpatico!

willPower & grace® is a formatted fusion of postures and dills, it is a high-energy, cardiovascular solution that mind-body practitioners have been looking for, and the foot-fitness conditioning program that athletes need. This workout is as philosophical as it is physical; a full-body functional workout meets sports psychology. We integrate the smartest and safest barefoot training methods to strengthen your feet while progressively correcting imbalances in your ankles, knees and hips. This unique workout appeals to all fitness levels and must be experienced to be understood.

You will experience:

* the benefits of cardio-sculpt
* the intensity of boot-camp
* the self awareness of a yoga practice
* the discipline of Pilates
* the uplifting philosophy of a meditation session

Space is limited, please call to reserve your space, 805-565-7591.